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Changes in Customs Clearance from 01/01/2022. Free webinar with an expert.

18 January 2022    10:00 AM GMT
Changes in Customs Clearance from 01/01/2022. Free webinar with an expert.

Webinar on the recent changes in the flow of goods between EU and UK.

This online meeting will be conducted in the POLISH language.

For over a year, Polish exporters have been struggling with difficulties in the flow of goods between the European Union and Great Britain.

From January 1, 2022,  further changes were introduced in the rules for conducting border control between the UK and the EU.


For over a year now, when importing to Great Britain, the British side requires export health certificates in relation to the so-called products of animal origin subject to safety measures due to animal diseases in the territory of the exporting country.

An additional requirement will be pre-notification, i.e. prior notification of loads with plant and animal products by British importers via the IPAFFS system.

What also changed from January 1, 2022 is that in order to transport goods to Great Britain, carriers must have an account in the GVMS system and register all transports in it.

Polish exporters are facing those and many more challenges. Wwe invited experts in comprehensive customs, accounting, tax and financial advisory services in Poland and Great Britain, to provide answers to those questions.



  • Polish exporters sending goods to Great Britain
  • companies interested in expansion to Great Britain
  • entrepreneurs looking for a customs agency to cooperate



Time: London

10:00 am Welcome, Bart Kowalczyk, PBLINK

10:05 am "How PAIH can support polish exporters in the UK". Rafał Owczarek, Director of PAIH

10:10 am Experts' presentation on the latest changes in the control of the flow of goods on the Polish-British border and how to best prepare for these changes.

10:40 am Q&A

11:00 am Close



  • What is the day-to-day reality look like for entrepreneurs, almost a year after Brexit, in the context of constantly changing regulations on the import and export of goods.
  • New requirements for the transport of goods to Great Britain and delays in implementing new regulations.
  • What does the customs service process look like and how to deal with a situation when entities in the UK do not know the regulations and exporters issue incorrect documents.
  • Will trade between Poland and Great Britain continue to be beneficial for both sides?


Participation in expert presentations and industry sessions is free of charge.


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