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Polski Roadshow dla Biznesu - Bristol 2022

22 September 2022    10:00 AM BST

We help polish entrepreneurs to grow in the UK.

Knowledge, networking, collaboration

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What is Roadshow?

Polish Business Link is organising a series of FREE Roadshow events targeting the biggest UK cities focusing on helping Polish business owners grow in the UK. This year all events will be online.

Events will give entrepreneurs the chance to get away from the day-to-day grind of running their business and think about their growth plan, and support in these challenging times.

Roadshow events will be also a chance for British SMEs to tap into the thriving network of Polish businesses, opening up the potential collaboration including lucrative export opportunities. Equally British firms will benefit greatly from identifying UK-based Polish contractors, for example in the construction sector.




10:00 am Welcome
10:10 am Mastermind session
10:45 am 1to1 with Experts in breakout rooms
11:30 am Business Networking
12:00 am Close


Invited experts

Kate Bogusławska

My LinkedIn profile

Partner at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, Commercial Solicitor, Lexis-Nexis Award Winner, Co-Founder at Women's Business Link London, charity work for London Spark

Experienced commercial lawyer and partner in the law firm Carter Lemon Camerons LLP from the City of London. He advises and represents companies from various departments and has a lot of practical knowledge useful for entrepreneurs.

I provide wide legal support for companies and advise them from incorporation to the sale of the business. I advise in relation to shareholders, directors and employment issues and litigate around these matters, I draft contracts of employment, for services, shareholders agreements, SPAs, etc.


Tomasz Dyl

Tomasz Dyl

My LinkedIn profile

Tomasz is Founder and Managing Director at GottaBe! Among a lot of his talents, he has great experience in working with Influencers, specifically in the ethnic market. He has worked with a number of highly followed an influential marketers and has great insight into the market.


Wiktoria Frackowiak

My LinkedIn profile

An experienced and highly motivated Client Success Lead and Booking & Talent Team Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry and a background in Radio Journalism.

Together with a team, I ensure that our existing, as well as future clients, notice and understand our perfect blend of ambition, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

My key responsibilities within the company are managing the campaigns, providing top-notch customer service, ensuring that all of the clients receive the tools and support needed to achieve their goals as well as building and maintaining a strong and long-term relationship with them.

Coordination, planning, quick problem solving and hands-on work are what my role is all about : )


Aleksandra Fiddler

Aleksandra Fiddler

My LinkedIn profile

Social Media influencer and language specialist. Known for an online channel for Polish immigrants in the UK.




Barbara Olejnik

Barbara OlejnikI have experience working in financial departments since 2000. The experience I gained allowed me to become an assistant financial director in one of the development companies in Warsaw. At the same time, I have been an entrepreneur continuously since 2009. During these years, I have experienced a situation more than once, and I saw what people who want to open their first companies and go on their own could struggle with. I also know what problems and challenges may be encountered by entrepreneurs who already run their own businesses. I know from experience and practice how to avoid unpleasant situations and efficiently manage the heart of any business - accounting.


What to expect

Each event will take place online using Zoom. Each meeting will last approx. 2 hours and will have the following format:


Share your business challenge with the group and let everyone else discuss your challenge and offer solutions.
All guests and invited experts will brainstorm, share their experiences, and propose various solutions.

Among the invited Experts, you will find a lawyer, accountant, marketing specialist, experienced seller of products on online platforms, etc. (the list of local advisors is different for each city). Participants will learn not only how to open but also how to grow a company in the UK. After the workshop, participants will be able to book individual consultations with an expert in Zoom Breakout Rooms.


An informal business networking session for Polish and British entrepreneurs in the UK. It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange virtual business cards and experiences.

There will be a Polish-English translator available. The roadshow event is supported by the Polish Consulates (Ministry of Foreign affairs Poles abroad cooperation fund).

Book your place now and give yourself the opportunity to expand your business network!


CTA RoadshowPL


The Purpose of Roadshow

  • promotion of Polish business in Great Britain,
  • integration of Polish entrepreneurs,
  • providing professional knowledge related to setting up and running your own company in the United Kingdom.

Who can participate

  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners who already trade in the UK.
  • Entrepreneurs who are planning to open a new business in the UK.

Roadshow Organisers

The Roadshow was created in cooperation with the Polish Business Link of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh.


PBLINK Roadshow EN 2022


Event Coordinator

The event is coordinated by the Polish Business Link (PBLINK) - a membership organization that, together with the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, helps entrepreneurs establish important business contacts and helps companies increase their presence and prestige in the British market.

PBLINK Partners




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