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Customs Clearance Q&A for eCommerce sellers 22.02.22

22 February 2022    10:00 AM GMT
ECommerce is growing at dizzying speed and Polish entrepreneurs are looking for new sources of income abroad, especially in the UK.
[This event will be conducted in POLISH language].

For over a year, Polish exporters have been struggling with difficulties in the flow of goods between the European Union and Great Britain.

Additional changes implemented from January forced the exporters to an even higher level of organization of the entire sales process.

During the last webinar, the invited experts discussed these January changes and how they influenced the procedures in companies.

Watch the recording here (in Polish language):

What will be discussed

  • What is the difference between customs duties and taxes?
  • Who is required to pay these dues?
  • Is it more profitable to trade on your own platform or maybe on another one such as Amazon or eBay?
  • How to fill in customs clearance paperwork when some of the goods are from China?

Who is this event for

  • Polish exporters sending goods to Great Britain
  • companies interested in expansion to Great Britain
  • entrepreneurs looking for a customs agency



Time: London GMT

10:00 am Open, Bart Kowalczyk, PBLINK

10:05 am "How the Polish Investment and Trade Agency supports Polish exporters in the UK market". Rafał Owczarek, Director, Foreign Trade Office - London / Dublin, Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

10:10 am How eCommerce trading between Poland and UK is developing after Brexit. Piotr Kubalka, J. Dauman and Dauman Logistics.

10:15 am Polish-UK customs clearance experts will answer the most frequently asked questions.

11:00 am Close



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