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Business expansion. What about the UK? 24.11.22 Warsaw

24 November 2022    18:00 CET

PBLINK is expanding to Poland. Join our launch event in Warsaw & network with Polish Entrepreneurs planning to expand to the UK and worldwide.

Ekspansja Biznesu. Co z UK?


Why is it worth it?

Polish Business Link recognises the opportunity to help Polish Exporters to do more business outside of Poland. New markets will diversify the sources of income and open up an entirely new, fresh income stream for business. We will explore opportunities to expand to the UK.

  • What are the prospects for business expansion to the UK?
  • Is it still worth looking for business contracts in the UK?

The networking event will be an opportunity to officially launch PBLINK's business activities in Poland. 

PBLINK was set up by Bartłomiej Kowalczyk in 2013 in the UK to support the Polish business community. He soon realised the massive potential of a professional business network in English-speaking countries. Now together with over 6k contacts in our database, we help ambitious Polish Entrepreneurs to grow on global markets.

Polish Business Link is based in London and cooperates with the PBLINK Ambassador in Poland, Anita Bogusch, who helps Polish entrepreneurs with internationalization.

We believe that big opportunities can arise from little conversations. Join us and expand your business network.


When and where?

Date and Time: Thursday, November 24, 2022, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. CET
Venue: Centrum im. Adama Smitha, Galeria Sztuki, Bednarska 19/19a, 00-321 Warszawa (domofon 13)

Welcome drinks and snacks will be provided.


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