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WBL webinar on how to love your career

15 April 2021    17:30 pm BST
WBL webinar on how to love your career
How to discover your direction and unlock your true potential.

How to discover your direction and unlock your true potential.

Women’s Business Link helps women grow professionally and personally. Through inspiration, learning and collaboration WBL assists women in their progress.

Ever felt your strengths are not being fully used, your passions are still dormant, or your career is not - or is no longer - the best fit for you?

Join WBL’s next webinar where Zofia Knight and Lisa-Rose Moller, Co-Founders and Directors of Compass Discovery will help you to discover a career that fulfils your unique potential, utilises your strengths and engages your passions. explore what it means to find a career you love and how to take the steps to get there.

They are passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential. They believe a career is not just a job, it is an opportunity to contribute something unique to the world. They get most excited about seeing people discover their ‘ikigai’, or ‘life purpose’ and find a career where they can really utilise and develop their strengths.

Who is it for?

  • This event is for women who need help in discovering the direction and unlocking their true potential.
  • Or to those who think of changing your profession.


5:30 pm Welcome and WBL update

5:40 pm Presentation

6:20 pm Q&A

6:30 pm Networking Session

7:00 pm Closing


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