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WBL webinar: Are you ready to face the face2face?

13 May 2021    17:30 pm BST
WBL webinar: Are you ready to face the face2face?

Are you ready to face the face2face again?

Join us for this event, learn from the experts, contribute to the conversation and enjoy the informal networking.

Meeting clients, NOT online.

We are all very excited by the possibility to meet other people face2face again.

Will it be as it was done before the pandemic? Most likely NOT.

The way we do business and communicate with work colleagues and our customers changed so much.

Small talk and the warm-up chat seem to be all about lunchtime walks, mental health and vaccination updates.

Business casual attire is somehow more casual and booted and suited is a thing of the past.

Getting ready to leave the house may feel like learning to ride a bike again - you know how, but need a practice ride.

The anxiety and stress of it all hide in our unconsciousness, ready to paralyse when we least expect it.

Join our event to hear from three experts:

Get your brain/head ready “ by Gin Lalli, who will:

  • explain why the brain creates anxiety and what you can do to overcome it as we come out of lockdown.
  • give you 5 tips to make the transition of coming out of lockdown with ease.
  • show you how you can train your brain to face the future and keep your stress bucket empty.

Get your appearance ready by Carla Costa Darling on:

  • How has the pandemic impacted fashion?
  • What we might expect of post-lockdown fashion?
  • How can we use fashion to help us get into the right frame of mind to face the face2face?

Get your chat ready by Eloise Leeson who will cover:

  • Why small talk is a big deal - and even though it's daunting, it's vital to great relationships and business growth
  • How to use Grice's Maxims to boost your conversational awareness
  • Fun prompts you can use to break the ice and ask better questions of the community around you


5:30 pm Welcome and WBL update

5:35 pm Getting ready to face the face2face Talk

6:35 pm Q&A with Guest Speakers

6:40 pm Networking

7:00 pm Close


Gin Lalli is a solution focused therapist specialising in anxiety and helps people to empty their stress buckets and regain control of their lives by explaining the science behind how the brain functions and by employing the latest evidence- based techniques of positive psychology and neuroscience.

Carla Costa Darling is a Fashion Designer and founder of Mauda - a women’s fashion brand primarily focussed on accessibility in fashion design. The brand was launched in January 2021 in the midst of a global pandemic under lockdown. What’s the worst that could happen? Carla is a strong believer in embracing opportunity when it presents itself. This pandemic has forced us to change several aspects of our lives, from work to socialising, our conventional notions of normal. As restrictions ease and the economy moves to fully re-open we will be faced with yet more changes to what has become an intermediate way of living. How do you style a comeback?

Eloise Leeson is a trained linguist and communications specialist, she founded her own company, Olim, which helps businesses close the gap between what they think they're saying, and what's actually being received by their customers.

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