VAT Reverse Charge

17 March 2021    2:00 pm GMT
VAT Reverse Charge

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 17th March at 2pm.


The topic of the webinar is about the VAT reverse charge and how to best deal with it with Okappy’s Portal+

We will go through five things you should absolutely know about VAT Reverse Charge.

What is it? Who will it affect? How to prepare for it?

A must know for finance departments to:

- stop fraud

- be used, but only in specific circumstances

- be aware it can affect your cash flow

- use a new terminology for invoicing

- to apply to materials, if they’re paid for as part of a service

And how to ensure you can deal effectively with VAT Reverse Charge and Okappy.

This webinar is for anyone dealing with constructions companies (small renovations contractors, general contractors, owner-builders, real estate developers, professional construction managers, program managers, package builders and sponsor builders). MEP's and Allied Services are also very welcome to join us...


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