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Unlocking the Power of TV Advertising: Sky AdSmart x GottaBe! Marketing

15 May 2024    10:30 AM


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Join us for a jam-packed day where we'll show you how to harness the potential of TV advertising with Sky AdSmart and GottaBe! Marketing...

gottabe_logoTV advertising has long been perceived as a playground solely for big-budget brands, a realm where only giants of the industry could afford to play...

But what if we told you that this narrative is outdated and that there's a game-changing tool that puts it well within reach for businesses of all sizes? Enter AdSmart from Sky – the platform that's rewriting the rules of TV advertising, and we're here to show you how to leverage its power.

We've partnered with Sky to demystify the world of TV advertising and uncover the untapped potential of AdSmart which has gained huge success for many of our clients. Together, we're hosting two events to challenge these common misconceptions and show you how AdSmart from Sky is levelling the playing field and making TV advertising accessible, affordable, and effective for businesses.

At these events, we'll not only provide you with insights into AdSmart from Sky but also showcase how GottaBe! Marketing can help you create ads that truly stand out. We'll share previous examples from a range of industries and sectors, demonstrating our expertise in crafting compelling advertising campaigns.

Our in-person event will take place at Sky HQ in Brentford on Wednesday 15th May 2024, where you will get a chance to:

  • Network with other industry leaders.
  • Satisfy your appetite with a delicious free lunch.
  • Meet the Sky AdSmart representatives to ask them your burning questions.
  • Take a tour of the incredible Sky Studios - where several of the nation's films and TV shows are produced!

Unable to join us in-person?

No problem! We'll be running an online version of the event jam-packed with tonnes of value, insights, and real-life examples on Thursday 13th June 2024.

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Still unsure about TV advertising? Let's take a look at the facts and figures…

As a nation, we watch nearly 4 hours of TV every single day, making it a cornerstone of our routines, conversations, and cultural experiences, and with the upcoming ‘summer of sports’ that number is projected to increase massively. That's right, this summer, we've got the Olympics, Paralympics, Euros, Wimbledon, Tour de France, and many other huge sporting events to look forward to. So, with such an exciting line-up on the horizon, there's arguably never been a better opportunity to venture into the world of TV advertising.

Don't let outdated perceptions hold you back from harnessing the power of television to elevate your business! Whether you join us in person at Sky HQ on Friday 15th May, or participate in our online event on Thursday 13th June, you'll discover first-hand how Sky has made TV advertising accessible to all.

With limited tickets available and a lineup of events you won't want to miss, the time to act is now… don't let this opportunity pass you by! Register today and unlock the potential of TV advertising with AdSmart from Sky.



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