How to generate Leads with AI in 2024 - Webinar 31.01.24

31 January 2024    09:30 AM

You will learn about BoostBPA, based on AI, automatically searches the internet for your potential customers who are looking for exactly the services and products you offer.


The Power of AI-Driven Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business Success


About the Event

BoostBPA, powered by advanced AI technology, effortlessly scours the vast expanse of the internet to connect you with your ideal customers who are actively seeking the precise services and products you offer.

Experience the power of BoostBPA in our upcoming webinar. This extraordinary tool is designed to revolutionize lead generation for companies across diverse industries. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, BoostBPA effortlessly identifies and notifies you when potential customers who align with your business profile are searching online. Not only that, it can even compose and send an initial message on your behalf, pending your approval, of course! The best part? BoostBPA empowers you to significantly reduce costs associated with acquiring new customers. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity.


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Who is the webinar for?

If you are interesting to:

  • How AI can enhances your lead generation process.
  • Current challenges in traditional lead generation methods
  • Engage with Experts through Interactive Q&A Session.

This webinar is for you!



9:30 Welcome from Bart Kowalczyk, PBLINK Director and founder of AutomataNow.

9:40 Guest speaker

Tom Soroka Founder of Leaware

AI as support in generating valuable leads-BoostBPA

10:13 Q&A

10:30 Close


⭐ As a special bonus:

Each attendee will be granted a complimentary two-week trial of the software along with personalized implementation support from Leaware!            


About the Experts


Bart Kowalczyk pic sq-1

Bart Kowalczyk

PBLINK Director, Founder of AutomateNow

At AutomateNow- HubSpot Consultancy we specialize in HubSpot CRM Service. I'm optimizing the buyer's journey, providing top-notch sales enablement training, spearheading new business development, orchestrating engaging events, and sharing insights through podcasts.



Tomasz sorokaTomasz Soroka

Founder of Leaware

Leaware, founded in 2010, is a 50+ developers product studio specializing in building digital products and web/mobile applications.

With a Leaware team we help them at many levels and stages of their projects: verifying ideas, meeting users' unmet needs, building and developing software, choosing proper tools. We are focused on understanding goals and bringing value, not on code lines writing and generating functionalities. Our development process goes smooth as we have team members equipped with expertise. 




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