The Adaptability Workshop

19 May 2021    10:00 AM BST
The Adaptability Workshop

How to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world?

The world is changing increasingly fast, and this change is irreversible. We experienced this in a spectacular way last year, while dealing with COVID-19, and we are experiencing it now doing business in a post-Brexit world. Those of us who can adapt quickly, respond better and spot opportunities will have a better chance to survive or even grow.

I would like to invite you to an interactive workshop. Working in a small group, with a friendly atmosphere, we will try to answer the following questions:

  • How can we adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world?
  • How can we deal with uncertainty?
  • How can we mitigate business risks of a "big fail"?

We will use the insight and experiences of the entrepreneurs in the room to assess case studies and capture a few practical points, which can be easily implemented in our organisations. We will find useful approaches which will improve the adaptability of our companies and mitigate business risks.


Who can benefit from this workshop

  • SMEs Owners
  • SMEs Senior Managers.
  • Micro companies & early stage companies
  • Independent Specialists (sales specialists, business developers, sales consultants)


Witold Wisniewski is a strategy & transition specialist, who partners with SMES to help them adapt better to changing business conditions. He supports SMEs in developing adaptable strategies and building organisational cultures for sustainable growth.

Time: 1 hour

Dates: Wednesday 17th March, 19th May, 14th July and 22nd September 2021

All workshops start at 10am (GMT)

Form of the event: Workshop, moderated discussion.

Places: Limited to 8 participants – This is to make the most of the interactive workshop and to secure the time to discuss the most interesting aspects.


10:00 AM Short Introduction

10:05 AM Networking Session to get to know each other

10:15 AM Workshop

11:00 Close