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HSBC & PBLINK Sustainability Business Forum 2024

21 June 2024    9.30AM - 3PM




Explore the business opportunities of being eco-friendly and network at Sustainability Business Forum 2024

  • Have you ever wondered if your business could go green without sacrificing profits?
  • What is the real meaning of sustainability in a business context?
  • Are there lucrative opportunities for UK SMEs in embracing sustainability?

Join Polish Business Link and HSBC at Sustainability Business Forum 2024, where we’ll answer all of these questions and more. The event will be a fantastic opportunity to network with our members and guests, and learn more about opportunities within green business. 

We have a limited number of spaces available, so please secure your spot!




About Sustainability Business Forum 2024

As we adapt to a new era of flexible work arrangements, our cities are witnessing a monumental shift in the way we live and work. This evolution not only alters our daily routines but also presents a unique opportunity to cater to the needs of the next generation entering the workforce.


Join us for an engaging discussion on how entrepreneurs can leverage this transformative period to create innovative solutions that resonate with the evolving market demands. From eco-friendly office spaces to mental health hubs, discover how businesses can attract top talent by prioritising sustainability and accessibility.



Explore the possibilities of this new wave of urban living, from reimagined properties to sustainable materials, and uncover actionable strategies to thrive in the eco-friendly future. Don't miss out on this inspiring event filled with insightful stories, practical ideas, and the chance to shape a greener, more inclusive tomorrow.




09:30 Registration

On the day : Please bring your Photo ID with you and limit your luggage to speed up the security process. This event can't be recorded.

10:00- 10:10 Official Welcoming and Introduction from Bart Kowalczyk,  Bart Kowalczyk PBLINK Director

10:10- 10:30 HSBC Expert Talk: Charles Garfit, ASSET FINANCE RELATIONSHIP DIRECTOR

--Support Business to Green Transformation

10:30-10:50 PBLINK Expert Talk: Rufus Ballaster, Senior Partner, Carter Lemon Camerons

--Eco-Friendly Living in the City. Creates New Business Opportunities

10:50-11:10 HSBC Expert Talk: Matthew Bell- Director, Global Sustainability Propositions - HSBC Commercial Banking

--Global Trade Sustainability

11:10 11:30 Comfort Break and Roundtable Networking with Richard Lucas,

11:30-12:30 Discussion panel "Be Sustainable and Profitable"

Discussion Moderator: Amit Sodha -

Lukasz Urbaniak, Managing Director at Effico

Tanya Popeau, Director at Live Synthesis Ltd 

Paul Sheedy, Founder of - PropTech - Data to Drive Sustainability   

Nicky Sinker -Cost, Procurement & Carbon Specialist at

Prince Oyekan, Business Development Manager at Circle UK Group Ltd

Ketan Dattani-CEO and Founding Owner at Buckingham Futures

12:30  Networking over Lunch

15:00 Carriages


15:45 Informal Networking in BrewDog Canary Wharf (Euro Uefa 2024)  

PBLINK Welcome host: Adrian Masaryk, Modern Entrepreneur


Featured Speakers and Discussion Participants


Bart-Kowalczyk-768x768-1Bart Kowalczyk,

PBLINK Director and founder of AutomateNow.

Bart excels in fostering UK and international business connections through PBLINK, generating valuable Polish-British partnerships that drive new opportunities. He is also the founder of the Platinum HubSpot agency, AutomateNow.



Rufus SquareRufus Ballaster

Senior Partner, Carter Lemon Camerons

Rufus Ballaster is Senior Partner and specialises in secured lending for both lenders and borrowers, within Carter Lemon Camerons LLP’s commercial property team. Rufus combines client focused views of legal issues with more holistic ones.  This is clearly visible from his writing (having contributed to many journals and been a co-author of the Landlord and Tenant Factbook and more recently of a Practical Guide to Drone Law) and from his lectures and seminars on banking, commercial property, artificial intelligence and other topics. 


IMGL6188-1Adam Pilanc


Adam Pilanc is well known mortgage and protection advisor and property investor with many years of experiences in the financial sector, as well as a director of the widely recognized and established company.



1657802287199Amit Sodha

Owner at ActionCoach (Discussion Panel Moderator)

For over 26 years, we have helped millions of businesses accelerate their performance to increase profits and spend more time away from the business doing what they truly enjoy, thanks to ActionCOACH's world class Business Growth System and Strategies.



1517530322822Nicky Sinker

Cost, Procurement & Carbon Specialist at Auditel (U.K.) Limited
Nicky’s mission is to help organisations on their net zero journey in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way.  Nicky originally trained as a Chartered Accountant, she then spent the majority of her career in Business Management/COO roles within Financial Services and Legal. Having  retrained as a Carbon Accountant, she now brings her accountancy expertise to calculate Carbon Footprints and her COO expertise to drive efficiencies in carbon and cost, helping organisations reduce their climate impact whilst improving their profitability and ability to win more work.


Picture1-1Prince Oyekan

Business Development Manager at Circle UK Group Ltd

As a Strategic Business Development Manager and Data Analyst,Prince specializes in security services, power & energy, and facilities maintenance. He drives growth and innovation by leveraging data analysis to identify opportunities, optimize operations, and implement data-driven strategies. In security services, Prince enhance risk management and streamline protocols. 



Managing Director at Effico
Lukasz is a specialist in Commercial, Retail, Domestic, and Telecommunication sectors, actively contributing to a ZERO Net Carbon future through extensive deployment of EV Chargers and energy-efficient cooling systems.




Tanya Popeau

Director at Live Synthesis Ltd 

Tanya has worked with the world’s leading corporates, non-profits and academic institutions. Her projects have covered a range of topics including energy efficiency, sustainable supply chains, women’s economic empowerment and education.  She has worked across the globe in Africa, Asia, the US and the UK.


1660077541563Paul Sheedy

Founder of - PropTech - Data to Drive Sustainability

At the core of all solutions is digital engagement through our Smart card long-range card detection, data interrogation and communication protocols. In the emerging IoT space are unique in that we deliver systems that remove all barriers to inclusion and engagement. Our focus is on seamless integration, delivered through non-intrusive systems that deliver greater digital detection and improved automated responses.


1702377814507Ketan Dattani

Ketan Dattani is the Founding Owner and CEO of Buckingham Futures, an award-winning Environmental consultancy that provides bespoke talent acquisition and consultancy solutions.
Academically Ketan holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Biotechnology and a Master's degree in Environmental Planning and Management.  Ketan’s corporate policies and actions are designed to reduce carbon footprint, give back to the community, and encourage the protection of the environment.



Richard LucasRichard Lucas

Founder of Open Coffee

I am an entrepreneur and angel investor with over 30 years of experience in starting, growing, and supporting businesses across various sectors and markets. I have invested in or co-founded more than 35 companies, including Argos Multilingual, one of the top companies in the language services industry worldwide. I also co-host the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Channel on the New Books Network, the world's largest academic author interview podcast network, where I share insights and stories from successful entrepreneurs and leaders.


Date and Venue

Date: Friday, 21 June 2024, 

Time:  9.30 AM - 3 PM BST

Location: HSBC, Canary Wharf, Canada Place Retail Unit 8, London E14 5AH



Booking Rules for the Sustainability Business Forum:

To ensure a fair and efficient registration process for the highly anticipated Business Forum we have established the following booking rules:

Maximum of 3 Representatives per Business: To accommodate a wide range of businesses and encourage diverse participation, we kindly request that each company registers up to three representatives for the event. This allows for a fair distribution of attendance among different organizations.

Priority Registration for PBLINK Members: As a gesture of appreciation to our valued PBLINK Members, we prioritize their registration for the event. PBLINK Members will have exclusive access to early registration and guaranteed participation, subject to availability. Business Email Address and Company Representation.

To maintain the professional integrity of the event, we kindly ask that all attendees use a business email address during the registration process. Additionally, it is essential to provide accurate information about the company you represent. If you register using a non-business email address and are unable to provide the necessary company details, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

By implementing these booking rules, we strive to create a balanced and productive environment for all participants at the Sustainability Business forum. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional event and fostering meaningful connections within the Polish business community. Taking photos or recording during the event is not allowed.


*The Organisers reserve the right to cancel or amend event details, including date, time, topic, speaker, agenda and tickets. 



Together with our Partners




Registration terms: This event is free to attend, however priority registration is reserved for established businesses. Your registration may be refused if a business e-mail address is not provided during registration. We limit the number of attendees to 3 per company. Registration is done via Eventbrite. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a PDF ticket. Please bring a Photo ID with you and limit your luggage to speed up the security screening process. Recording of the event is not permitted. Please note that the event will have a roundtable seating plan enabling you to network during breakout sessions.





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