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Summer HubSpot Bootcamp 2024

01 July 2023    10:00 AM BST
Summer HubSpot Bootcamp 2024
Join Summer HubSpot Bootcamp 2024



Four 60-minute strategic sessions with certified HubSpot trainers to streamline your prospecting and enhance customer experiences post-summer.

Support your business at a discounted rate of £75 per person.

Limited to 15 participants


Sales Stuck In a Rut?

Prospects Not Converting? Wasting Half Your Time On Admin?

We know just how you feel. As a business owner, sales lead, or executive, you ponder these questions 24/7.  

How do you turn a contact into a prospect, and a prospect into a customer? How do you get in front of the right buyers? What stage are they even at in the buyer’s journey?

And then, once you have those customers, can your business handle the work? Does your team have a smooth process to follow? How do you begin to scale effectively?

The list goes on, and on. It gets overwhelming, stressful, and difficult to take the strategic steps that lead to good growth.



Session #1 CRM Mastery: Import, Organize, Win! 

Monday 1st July | 10AM GMT | Google Meet

You will receive valuable insights on importing contacts to your CRM, organizing and segmenting them to optimize your sales and marketing efforts.

Session #2 HubSpot Marketing: Target. Engage. Convert.

Monday 8th July | 10AM GMT | Google Meet

You will learn how to use HubSpot to make sure your content reaches the right clients at the right time, based on their buyer’s journey: boosting engagement and conversion.

Session #3 HubSpot Sales: Close Deals Faster.

Monday 15th July | 10AM GMT | Google Meet

You will learn how to turn prospects into loyal customers by optimising your sales funnel in HubSpot, with a strategy that’s designed around your business. 

Session #4 Lead Generation Workshop

Monday 22nd July | 10AM GMT | Google Meet

Our team shares proven lead gen tactics you can copy & paste into your business.


Who should Attend?

  • HubSpot Users: Master your HubSpot tools and unlock hidden potential.
  • Sales & Marketing Teams: Get practical tips to boost sales & conversions.
  • Business Owners: Drive growth with data-driven HubSpot strategies.

What You'll Gain:

  • Actionable Insights: Learn proven tactics from certified trainers.
  • Real-World Examples: best practices based on our work with 50+ customers.
  • Interactive Q&A: Network and share best practices with peers.

Sessions recorded & available later!


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Your HubSpot Trainers

Sam_no Background Sam 

I love helping new HubSpot users navigate its complexity, simplifying its setup and use. While it's not a silver bullet—demanding effort and discipline—once in place, it streamlines your operations, freeing you up to expand your business.

Anna Drogon 1 Anna

Anna, a passionate HubSpot Inbound Specialist, excels in driving business growth through digital transformation. With expertise in crafting inbound marketing strategies that resonate and optimizing the HubSpot platform, she's a results-driven campaign planner, sales process architect, and team aligner. Ready to supercharge your business with HubSpot? Let's connect!


Steven - Avatar Steven

Steven spearheads our account growth, leveraging over six years as a HubSpot consultant to refine our sales, marketing, and customer service for increased satisfaction and revenue.


Anna & Bart_8 Bart

I'm dedicated to refining the buyer's journey and boosting sales through enablement training, new business development, and engaging events. By sharing insights via podcasts, my goal is to foster growth, improve customer experiences, and strengthen sales teams. Ready to uplift your business?


HubSpot Partner

We’re AutomateNow: an accredited, expert, and trusted HubSpot partner ready to help take your business to a whole new level.

Your business deserves an approach that helps you maximise every aspect of your HubSpot licence. That’s exactly what we do.

Your clients and customers need a human-to-human approach when it comes to sales and marketing, and you need to automate those processes, so you can help more people at scale. 

The human-to-human (H2H) approach is our unique way of helping you to capture leads, delight and retain your customers, and boost your revenue. 

But what does (H2H) really mean?
It means that you are at the heart of our business. That we treat your goals and needs as our own.


Fantastic In Every Way!

This training could not have been beneficial for our company! Bart and Anna did a fantastic job of teaching us how best to implement and use HubSpot.
Marketing Manager, GottaBe!
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