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Prospecting via HubSpot Sales Meetings Workshop by AutomateNow

15 January 2021    10:00 am GMT
Prospecting via HubSpot Sales Meetings Workshop by AutomateNow

Prospecting via HubSpot Sales Meetings can be your fastest and easiest New Year’s resolution. Selling remotely means that you jump between online meetings. Quite often, you cannot find the link to join the next conversation. If you talk to a potential prospect, you need to have this bit well organised: sending reminders about the forthcoming meeting, recording, calls not overlapping.

HubSpot offers a sales meeting tool that will help you to organise yourself better. What’s more, it can be a great online booking tool for 1-1 meetings, appointments, consultations and more. The moment someone books a session with you, that person’s details information will be logged in CRM, and you will have access to a list of contacts who booked an appointment with you.

In your HubSpot, you can define several different meeting links representing all stages of your sales and marketing conversations. It integrates with your Google or Outlook calendar.

For the first 30 minutes, I will provide a short demo on how to set up your sales meeting in HubSpot, integrate with Zoom and use this data to segment your prospects.

After the practical demonstration, everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions during the HubSpot Q&A session.

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Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at companies, that are already using HubSpot and want to automate their sales, save time and focus on nurturing and converting only the most relevant leads.

HubSpot Workshops

At AutomateNow, our mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their potential by digitising their sales & marketing.

The Post-COVID ‘new normal’ is changing how we interact with our Clients because the buyer is now in control. They are extensively researching purchases online before the first contact. Your product too!

We support the SME community in the UK and offer numerous workshops online free of charge when you sign up early or with a small fee for last-minute bookings. Online Workshops last up to 90 min and cover the following: Email Marketing, Managing Databases, Contact Profiling, HubSpot Q&A, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and more.

About the Trainer

Bart Kowalczyk has been successfully implementing HubSpot in his businesses for over 2 years. He qualified as HubSpot Partner and now helps small and large businesses implement HubSpot into their sales and marketing teams.


10:00 am Welcome

10:05 am Prospecting via HubSpot Sales Meetings – overview and practical insights

10:35 am HubSpot Q&A session with Bart

10:55 am Summary and next steps

11:00 am Close


Download and Install Zoom software. Refer to the Zoom Support Page if you have any technical problems.

Change your Zoom name to your correct name (example: John Smith instead of John’s iPhone).


To continue supporting businesses that are aiming to digitalise their sales, we offer 20 FREE tickets for the first 20 attendees.

£10 Standard Ticket for all other attendees.

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