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PBLINK Insights on Import-Export after Brexit

16 March 2021    11:00 AM GMT
PBLINK Business Insights: Trading after Brexit

Join the discussion on post-Brexit trading and online networking

A last-minute Brexit deal was struck just before the deadline in 2020, but what are the details within the 2,000+ pages and what will the consequences be for the businesses trading between the UK and European Union?

Join the discussion, share your experience and hear from those involved in the import-export dealings.

You will hear from three Guest Speakers, each with a hands-on experience of this quickly developing trading processes in the post-Brexit UK and Europe:

They will discuss the following:

  • General uncertainty among all involved in the import-export processes.
  • Pros and Cons of choosing between customs agency services and buying in-house software.
  • Growing costs of materials, admin and transport services.
  • Additional administrative requirements, including the T1 transit declaration.
  • Affected movement of people and goods between the UK and the EU.

Agenda - how to find business partner uk

11:00 am - Welcome, Bart Kowalczyk, PBLINK

11:05 am - Moderated discussion with Guest Speakers

11:45 am - Networking in breakout rooms

12:00 pm - Close


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