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Mechanical (HVAC) and Public Health (Plumbing) Engineering

22 May 2021    10:00 AM BST
Mechanical (HVAC) and Public Health (Plumbing) Engineering

A comprehensive guide for good engineering.

Put the focus on good engineering and then on your career. Ad-hock support from uncle Google is not enough!. Start loving site visits and discussions with experienced engineers.

The maths and physics are not beatable in real life of the building. The temperature, humidity and pressure are measurable, the blockages of the drainage and leakages happen. Everything starts with good design and a deep understanding of engineering.

What will be covered:

  • The technical vocabulary in English. Mechanical: HVAC, gas; HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning; Public Health (PH-Plumbing) water, drainage; Civil – Infrastructure
  • Abbreviations used in engineering, including but not limited to MEP, M&E, CHP, CWS, CHW, HWSR.
  • British and American Standards – the scope of operations.
  • Regulations and good practice.
  • Examples of Mechanical and Public Health solutions based on some real projects such as the Qatar Stadium, Marriott Hotel, Sports Hall, London City Island. We will look at basic design flaws, poorly functioning installations, examples of ventilation schemes, cooling installations, kitchen ventilation, ventilation calculation for hotels, calculations of other installations, gas calculations, boiler room ventilation - when gravitational, when mechanical.
  • Psychrometric chart – humidification and dehumidification processes. Desiccants. Heating. Cooling. Mix boxes. Evaporative Cooler.
  • Fire Strategy – Fire Dampers and intumescent grilles.
  • Design Risk Assessment Document.
  • Plant Replacement Strategy Report.
  • Minefield means the reality of the Polish building industry: regulations, procedures, responsibility, technical conditions.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance in Poland, the UK and worldwide
  • Minutes of meetings, photos, procedures etc.
  • Membership and chartership in Poland, the UK, and worldwide. Is it worth affiliating with institutions such as CIBSE or Engineering Council? An example of a report required for CIBSE application.
  • Q&A from the audience. The discussion about the solutions experience, doubts etc.

Who should attend

Students, Apprentices, Graduates, Professionals (Technicians, Engineers, and Managers) working in the Mechanical and Public Health (PH) industry.


Teresa Bilinska MSc CEng MCIBSE, DOIIB, Mechanical and PH Engineer

Teresa is a self-motivated Eng. with extensive experience in Building Services Engineering, design and management in the Consulting and Contracting sectors.

My work brings me a lot of professional satisfaction. Motivation for people with a passion for the profession and humour is the best way to reach success without stress.

Comprehensive knowledge let me work continuously as the serious international accredited consultant for the best Consultancies worldwide, in the UK and Poland (Buro Happold, Meinhardt, PM Group, Capita Symonds, Hilson Moran, WSP) and Contractors (Cilantro, Ballymore) with very good references showing my flexibility for many standards, operational systems and quick conformity to the new situations, taking fast decisions, giving the essence of the design, balancing between the regulations above standards, looking for challenges, quick interdisciplinary coordination.


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