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Is your hotel sanitisation protocol both effective and practical?

15 April 2021    02:00 PM BST
Is your hotel sanitisation protocol both effective and practical?

Reopen and stay open

As the country gets ready to reopen fully, the hospitality industry has a vital role in kickstarting the economy and bringing back some semblance of normality.

The new normal sees all stakeholders such as guests, visitors, and staff being part of a new “hygiene society”.  Each requires the confidence to stay, visit or work in the hotel and if that is lost the business will suffer.
Join us to hear industry experts discuss why a robust sanitisation protocol for your hotel requires a multi-level approach.

Understand the areas of risk with not only Covid-19 but beyond, explore options which are effective and practical within a hotel environment, and how to communicate with stakeholders to engage them in the process, so building and maintaining confidence.

Join the discussion, share your key challenges and gain clarity on how to prepare to reopen and most importantly, stay open.


Who should attend?

We welcome all professionals involved in running a successful accommodation business:

  • Hotel Owners
  • General Managers
  • Operations Directors
  • Facilities & Cleaning Managers
  • Health & Safety Managers
  • And more

You are responsible for the planning and implementation of sanitisation procedures in preparation for reopening in May.

You may have a good idea of what is required however, would like to hear expert opinions and what others in your industry are planning.


What to expect

Join us for a 1-hour discussion on why a robust sanitisation protocol for your hotel requires a multi-level approach.

Our experts will cover:

  • The risks when re-opening from viruses and bacteria (Covid-19 and more)
  • How to ensure your sanitisation protocol is both effective and practical
  • The varied approach required for different areas of the hotel
  • Sustainability and the ability to reduce your chemical usage
  • Communication with staff and guests to build confidence

You will hear from a microbiologist, an expert on sanitisation solutions and a customer engagement platform representative.

How to Participate

This webinar will take place using the Online Webinar tool Zoom. The event will last for 1 hour and feature a moderated discussion between four Guest Speakers. You as a delegate will have the opportunity to ask questions via the Q&A box, share your challenges and wins plus connect with your industry peers.


About the organisers

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Elytraa was created in Scotland by a team with decades of hands-on experience in product sales, international distribution, and brand enhancement.
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