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How to set up your e-book in HubSpot 28.02.23

28 February 2023    14:00 GMT
How to set up your e-book in HubSpot 28.02.23

At AutomateNow, our mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their potential by digitising their sales & marketing.

During this workshop, Bart will walk you through how to create an e-book from start to finish in your HubSpot CRM.

Business benefits of having a blog:

  • Turning a profit
  • acquiring new customers
  • generating buzz
  • becoming an industry thought


During this workshop, you will learn how to create an e-book, set up an e-book on your HubSpot CRM and send it to the world.



UK Time

14:00 Welcome

14:05 HubSpot Workshop with Bart Kowalczyk Certified HubSpot Gold Partner, HubSpot Sales Coach

14:30 Close


About HubSpot Trainer

Anna & Bart_12Bart Kowalczyk
, Certified HubSpot Gold Partner, HubSpot Sales Coach

I am the founder and director of AutomateNow, specialising in HubSpot sales implementations.

I work mainly with businesses lost with their sales and marketing alignment. I want to reduce the time spent on systems to let you focus on the most critical asset for each business and human being – relationships.

The clients I have generated the most success for are:

1. Businesses providing IT & Software Solutions

2. Professional Firms, including Solicitors & Accountants

3. Finance & Insurance companies

4. Businesses that who ready to scale


Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at companies already using HubSpot and wants to automate their marketing and sales, save time and focus on nurturing and converting only the most relevant leads.


HubSpot Workshops

We support the SME community in the UK and offer numerous workshops online free of charge when you sign up early or with a small fee for last-minute bookings. Online Workshops last between 30 and 90 min and cover the following:

  • monitor the revenue flow for your accounting software and sync financial information with your customers' data and sales conversions in line with your marketing campaigns.
  • streamline your invoicing and admin tasks through automation.
  • Integrate with over 40 accounting apps.


This event is free of charge; however, if you find these masterclasses helpful for your business, select the donation ticket.



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