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From Passion to Profession. A WBL webinar with Wioletta Diamondheart.

03 February 2021    5:30 PM GMT
Women's Business Link Webinar with Wioletta Diamondheart

Be inspired and meet businesswomen with knowledge and experience to share.

In this webinar series WBL talks to extraordinary women about their career transformation and how they turned their passion into profession.

WBL is pleased to introduce a series of webinars called ‘From Passion to Profession’ during which we will meet extraordinary women who will talk about their career transformation and how they turned their passion into a career. Our members have a chance to learn from our inspirational guests and to ask questions.

Tony Robbins said that ‘Success leaves clues’, let’s use this opportunity to learn from the experience of others!

Interview with Wioletta Diamondheart

On 3rd February 2021 we will be inspired by Wioletta Diamondheart, a meditation and kundalini yoga teacher who will present a workshop titled: „Bold & Beautiful”: Tuning into Divine Feminine with Kundalini Yoga Technology. She will teach how conscious movements and a breath of life can help create space for love, manifest dreams and find a deeper meaning of life.

Once Wioletta has shared her journey with us, she will introduce meditation with the mantra: ‘I am the light of my Soul’, which will power your Inner Light to attract all you need. Are you curious? Are you ready to open up to LOVE, to dance a sacred dance of divine polarities? Don’t miss this one, it can change your life....

Let’s be inspired with WBL!

Join us for the workshop and networking session at 5.30 pm on Wednesday, 3rd February 2021.


5:30 pm Welcome and WBL update

5:40 pm Bold and Beautiful: Workshop with Wioletta Diamondheart

6:20 pm Q&A

6:30 pm Networking Session

7:00 pm Closing


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