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Cost Savings For Business

15 June 2023    10 AM BST
Cost Savings For Business
As the economic climate continues to cause challenges, many businesses are working hard to reduce their overheads and manage their exposure. But what options do you have available? And are redundancies always necessary?


Join our experienced employment law solicitors, Matthew Moss and Naomi Woods, on Thursday 15th June for an exclusive webinar discussing the steps that you can take to optimise your company’s finances.


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You’ll gain actionable insights into balancing cost-cutting measures with legal compliance and employee welfare as we cover key topics such as:


- Contract checks and consultation

- Workplace policies

- Alternatives to redundancy

- Redundancy process

- Settlement agreements


Reserve your place now to see how you can strengthen your company’s financial position and network with other business leaders. To find out more about this webinar, contact Optimal Solicitors


Event date: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 10:00 - 11:00 BST. | Online


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