Online Event

Cost analysis and benchmarks for HR services agencies

17 February 2021    10:00 AM GMT
Cost Analysis and Benchmarks for HR Services Agencies
Learn about financial benchmarks in your industry, cost analysis and breakeven points to increase the predictability of your business.

Things have changed, for better or for worse. If your business is in learning & development, coaching & training, recruitment or HR, online delivery is here to stay – you may say that it will slash your delivery costs, but did you take into account the new need for technology and online production hours (and skills?).

When things don't go as planned for your business, and you cannot do much about your income, due to a global downturn or a local demand shortage, it's time to look at your costs. Direct and indirect costs serve two different purposes in your businesses. Cost analysis and benchmarks can increase your business predictability and help you gain more financial control.

Cost analysis and benchmarks for HR services agencies - Online Workshop with Q&A


We are hosting a free online 45 - 60 min workshop with Q&A on 17 February 10.00-11.00 am GMT.

We will look into direct and indirect costs, breakeven points, and financial benchmarks to increase your business predictability and profitability.

Places are limited to 15 participants to make the most of the interactive part of the session and to allow personalised responses to questions.


We will help you find answers to the following questions:

  • How to have more financial control over your business?
  • How to maintain a healthy gross margin per account/service/product?
  • What are financial benchmarks in your industry to increase the predictability of your business?
  • What other companies do to ensure a stable 2021?

“Adina uses her skills, experience and benchmarks to take the various data sources and to turn them into a coherent report and all done with a great sense of humour.” Bob Hughes, The Forton Group