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Aligning Marketing and Sales via Recurring NPS with HubSpot and Survicate

15 June 2023    11:00 EST
Aligning Marketing and Sales via Recurring NPS with HubSpot and Survicate

About this event

In today's business landscape, aligning marketing and sales teams is a common challenge. But fear not! We have the solution to help us overcome this hurdle and drive unprecedented success.

During this interactive webinar, our expert speaker, Bart, will delve into the secrets of leveraging HubSpot and Survicate for recurring NPS surveys. Brace yourself for mind-blowing insights on contact scoring, feedback-based workflows, and genius hacks to deliver unmatched customer service


We'll equip you with practical strategies to implement right away, including:

    • Setting up automated NPS surveys using Survicate within HubSpot
    • Analyzing and interpreting survey data to uncover valuable insights
    • Aligning your marketing and sales efforts based on customer feedback

Event details:

Thursday, June 15th 2023
🕐 11 PM EST / 3 PM UTC
⏰ 30 minutes +15 minutes Q&A


About Speakers

Eylül Nowakowska BeyazıtEylül Beyazıt, Head of Customer Success at Survicate



Bart HubSpot Canva Mug shirtBart Kowalczyk, Certified HubSpot Gold Partner, HubSpot Sales Coach



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