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A WBL webinar: How to create a perfect home working condition?

23 September 2021    06:00 PM BST
A WBL webinar: How to create a perfect home working condition?

During the pandemic, a lot has changed in terms of the business operating.

Lots of us decided to continue to work from home to be able to fit the work around the family life.

Recent research from Bupa UK estimates that 11 million people in the UK suffer from bad posture related pains due to working from home. A proper posture whilst working is key but it is tricky to adjust when people are working remotely.

Our member, Magdalena Molecka-Hetman is a Health & Safety practitioner who knows everything about ergonomics and how to position oneself to avoid injury when working or studying.

  • Are you set up to be productive?
  • Do you have a designated workspace?
  • Is your chair compatible with your needs?

Magdalena will reply to those and a few more.

Magdalena will share her wisdom in a Zoom event on 23 September 2021 at 6pm.

Join us to learn how to choose the right equipment and to take benefit of the exclusive offer of an online desk and chair assessment.

Join us on 23th September for a quick, informative session.

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